8 December 2014
8 December 2014,

When I first started out as an insurance agent, I was driving all over town to meet potential clients at their homes or offices.  I started noticing that I spent more time in my car than I did selling policies. That’s when I knew that something had to change.

I had already hired an Agency Contact Representative (ACR) for my agency, and one of the goals I set for my ACR was to book at least ten appointments for me throughout the day. However, I quickly realized that I was never going to be able to meet my goal of ten meetings per day if I had to drive around town to meet with clients.

I recognized that my clients would have to come to my office. Your prospects are already used to meeting professionals at their offices. They go to doctor’s offices when they are sick or visit a law firm when they need legal help. I knew that if they viewed me as a professional, they would be willing to visit my office as well.

Being a professional goes beyond dressing nicely and carrying a briefcase. Real professionalism stems from the philosophy that you hold about your business. My philosophy is that I run my business with high ethical standards and always give my clients the best policies feasible.

Give Them A Reason

Getting a person to agree to take time out of their day to visit your office starts with your ACR. He/she is the first person from your agency that will interact with the prospect. A good Agency Contract Representative who believes in your business’ philosophy will be able to give a potential client enough reasons to meet you.

These reasons could be the kind of coverage you offer, the prices that are available or even how quickly and efficiently you can meet their insurance needs.

Your ACR should also be contacting prospects when they are at work rather than at home. This method is effective because they are already in business mode and are already accustomed to speaking with professionals. It makes them more receptive to a phone call from your agency and more importantly it is the first step to getting them through your door.

Follow Through

Your ACR will have to follow-up with each prospect several times before they agree to a meeting.  This is okay since during each call they form more of a relationship with one another. The more personally invested prospects become, the more committed they are.

The ACR can develop a better relationship with the client because he or she is not trying to sell anything to them. They are simply trying to set up a short 20 to 30 minute appointment that fits into the prospect’s schedule.

Bottom Line

Think about the clients that you want. They are the ones that are willing to come to you because they know the value of insurance. If you let your business philosophy guide your professionalism, your clients will always be happy to meet you. And that means you can spend less time driving, and more time selling.

If you would like to learn more about how to grow your agency, you might want to consider reading my book, Power Position Your Agency. It includes a lot more detail about the steps involved with growing your agency.

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