6 April 2015
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6 April 2015,

Your agency will lose staff. If you have been in business long enough, you know that when it happens it can be devastating. Unfortunately, many agents wait until after the person has given notice to start looking for a replacement. By then, it is already too late.

You have to be proactive about your recruiting process. You must have a plan in place for when you lose a staff member. Your approach should include a contingency plan for short-term reassignment of duties between yourself and the remaining staff.

This means that you must constantly be recruiting and letting people know that there is always a place for talented people at your agency. If you prepare ahead of time, there is no reason you’ll ever have to settle for second best.

Look For Commitment

When recruiting, it is important to make sure that the people you interview are as committed to you as you are to them. They should understand that it is a privilege to work at your agency because you are not just potentially offering them a job but a career path with the opportunity to grow.

During the interview process, it is important to make sure you listen to what the applicant is actually saying. You do not want someone who is just interested in a paycheck. You need someone who is looking to advance their career and will have a commitment to your company.

Introduce Them To Your Staff

Once you have found a person that sparks your interest, invite him or her to speak with other members of your agency. Allow your staff to ask them questions, and they will offer valuable insight about the applicant. Observe how the candidate interacts with your staff and try to imagine him or her working there. If the applicant gets along with your staff members and you can picture him or her at your agency, then it is a good sign that the candidate might be the right fit.

Add Them To Your List

If you and your staff approve of the interviewee, then you can add them to your potential agency team list. Notify them that they have been accepted for placement on your potential agency team list. Make sure to follow up with a nice note and put the person on the newsletter list for your agency. It is important for you to stay in touch with him or her.

Call On Them

Rank the people on your list. The day that a valued staff member announces that he or she must leave your agency, refer to your list. The potential agency team list is full of people you already know you want to work with, and you can start calling them the same day.   Your staff will also be pleased to have them joining the team because they have already met them.

To learn more about how to be proactive about hiring, you can read Profit From Change. This book includes simple strategies that have worked for thousands of agents in big and small agencies across the country.

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