5 January 2015
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5 January 2015,

One of the most common questions that insurance agents ask me is “How do you consistently sell each line of insurance?” Well, there is no magic pill or special formula that we use. In fact, our concept is pretty basic, and it is something that every insurance agency can start doing today. We sell more insurance by setting goals.

During my early days as an insurance agent, I set tangible goals for selling each line of insurance and worked my hardest to make sure those goals were met. I based my framework for goal setting on three simple concepts that helped me build my agency.

Motivate with Goals

It is easy for many people to confuse fear with motivation. Fear stems from not having well-planned goals and objectives in place. Once goals have been set, that fear will transform into motivation.

It is important that you create goals for yourself and not anyone else. You know better than anyone else what you want most out of life. Your company shouldn’t have to dictate what goals you set, because they don’t know your aspirations- only you do.

Write It Down and Map It Out

One of the most important parts of goal setting is writing down your goals. An unwritten goal is only a wish, and you cannot cash a wish at the bank. Committing your goals to paper allows you to map out a plan to reach them by breaking them down into incremental steps.
Each of these steps will turn into a plan for action, and this allows you to see exactly how each goal is obtainable.

Here is the process we use to set goals:

  • Write out where you want your business to be in five years
  • Define the goals that will take you there
  • Set yearly goals along the way
  • Break down the current year’s goals into specific monthly & weekly targets
  • Transform weekly and monthly targets into daily goals

Picture it as though you are creating a map that leads to a resting point at each yearly goal. Eventually, after four rest stops, you arrive at number five your final destination.

Involve Your Family

It is important to involve your family in your goal planning process. For most people, family is a major motivator and including them in your planning process can help keep you committed to your goals.

You and your family share future aspirations. By including them in the planning process, everyone will know what it takes to reach those goals. By mapping out your goals with your family, you will find that they will be much more supportive and tolerant when work time might have to cut into family time.

If you follow this framework for goal setting, it will allow you to end your workdays feeling more satisfied and accomplished. It will also prevent you from bringing your work life home with you since you were able to accomplish the things you needed to do during the day.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Start writing your goals down today to take your agency to the next level!

If you have questions about designing a business plan for your agency, or are simply ready to take your agency to the next level, Korsgaden International can help you get there with our complimentary training videos for individual insurance agents.


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