True success, peace of mind and balance come from thinking deeply about - and finding the answers to - the questions that matter most:

  • What is my source of security and significance?
  • What matters to me more than anything else?
  • What are my highest hopes and deepest fears?
  • Who am I? Who do I want to become?
  • Whose am I? To whom do I belong?
  • What changes need to happen so that my life really counts?

Finding the answers to these questions and enjoying a balanced life - one infused with peace, meaningful relationships, and a compelling purpose - seems like a pipedream to many of us. If we're dedicated to achieving our full potential in our careers, our home life and health may suffer. But we're often afraid that devoting too much time to our families, mental health and physical fitness will cause us to fall behind at work. We live in this tension every day.

In this book, Troy Korsgaden is honest about his struggles to achieve this kind of balance. He is known for his wit, business excellence, consulting skills and enthusiasm, but here he shares how his tenacious drive constantly threatened to derail his life. By observing the successes and failures of others, and by making major changes in his own life, Korsgaden has learned some of his biggest lessons. he has found the keys to success and sanity, and he has embarked on a lifelong process to apply these principles. In the coming years he expects plenty of ups and downs, but he has more insights and skills to handle them - and he is sharing his knowledge in this book.

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