Korsgaden International has been a leading insurance agency training and development company for more than 20 years, known for helping insurance companies improve operations and increase profitability. Troy Korsgaden is relied upon by leading national and regional insurance carriers to educate and motivate their agencies.
At Korsgaden International, we specialize in helping insurance carriers improve the productivity of their agency distribution systems, and spurring carrier growth by teaching agencies to increase retention and productivity.

World-Class Group Training to Help Carriers Grow

Korsgaden International offers comprehensive group training for carriers, including training programs designed to help your agencies operate at maximum productivity and profitability:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Technology
  • Recruiting
The companies we work with understand that agency growth means carrier growth. By implementing our training programs throughout the enterprise, each agency is more productive. When all participating agencies operate at maximum efficiency and performance, it creates the highest-possible productivity company-wide.

Focus on Group Staff Training Systems

What sets Korsgaden International apart is our focus on staff. Carriers must realize that when agencies know how to hire and train the right staff, profitability is maximized.

When staff is well educated and working toward common goals, both agencies and carriers benefit. Staff training programs are not optional, and can be the deciding factor in whether your organization reaches its potential.

With Korsgaden International’s group training curriculum, your agencies will learn proven systems for:

  • Understanding the products
  • Setting a strategy
  • Prospecting & marketing
  • Quoting & presenting
  • Following up & closing
  • Onboarding & retaining
This is a complete, turnkey program to jumpstart agency success. Your agencies will learn how to push through and continue to grow despite shifts in business, market conditions or the economy.

Our goal is to help you create strong agencies that provide maximum return on investment.

The Right Team Makes the Difference

At Korsgaden International, we can help with communications, staffing, leadership, benchmarking, training, selling, planning, improving your distribution strategies, and much more. We work directly with corporate teams to improve your distribution strategies.

With our group training programs, insurance carriers will increase sales force effectiveness, improve communications, hire the right people, and set them up for success.

If you are looking for fast and sustained sales growth, Korsgaden International is the partner for you.

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