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Dick has delivered customized leadership programs to insurance agents since 1990 when he was invited to speak to the agency team of Scott Foster, a perennial top ten State Farm producer. Dick and Scott have now written a provocative book entitled Leading Your Insurance Agency To Greatness, a systematic approach for growing your agency based on The Five Tiers Of Agency Leadership. Since forming Biggs Optimal Living Dynamics (BOLD!) in 1982, Dick has traveled to all 50 states and several foreign nations as a keynote speaker and seminar leader on leadership, mentoring, teamwork, communication and work/life balance. His other books include Burn Brightly Without Burning Out and Wisdom Gold. As a Marine sergeant, Dick served on the elite security guard program at the American embassies in Rome, Italy and Warsaw, Poland. A cofounder of the Chattahoochee Road Runners, he has completed seven marathons, thirteen half-marathons and 30 Peachtree Road Races. Dick and Judy have been married for 30 years and they reside on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta.

Leading Your Insurance Agency To Greatness By Scott Foster & Dick Biggs…For Use On The Korsgaden International Website

Based on The Five Tiers Of Agency Leadership, this book is for agents at all levels of production and experience. So whether you’re just starting out and setting career goals, you’re a veteran agent who feels trapped in a comfort zone, or you’re a prolific producer looking to move to the next level of success, this comprehensive resource will help you create a long-term view toward expansion and growth. Authors Scott Foster and Dick Biggs have nearly a century of combined leadership experience. Scott has been a perennial top agent with State Farm for nearly four decades. Dick Biggs has delivered customized leadership programs to hundreds of Scott’s peers since 1990.

Leading Your Insurance Agency To Greatness

Based On: The Five Tiers Of Agency Leadership*

Tier One—The Titled Leader (Ego)

This tier is about you, the agent, and positional pride. You were given a title upon graduating from agency school—insurance agent—and you should be proud of this memorable achievement. Of course, if you spend the rest of your career patting yourself on the back (ego), you’re not going to earn a living or leave much of a legacy. This means you have to get to the next leadership tier as quickly as possible.

Tier Two—The Task-Oriented Leader (Energy)

This tier is about your customers and sales/service. You have to get busy (energy) doing what will make your agency successful—marketing, prospecting, selling, servicing and so on. It’s hard work building a book of business, especially in the early years, but it’s also gratifying to know your efforts are helping a lot of people protect their property and lives, prepare for the future, and enjoy priceless peace of mind.

Tier Three—The Team-Focused Leader (Entrustment)

This tier is about the agency and deliberate delegation. You can’t be a do-it-all leader without stressing out or burning out. You must assemble a talented group of associates and rely on them (entrustment) to help you get to your desired destination.

Tier Four—The Teaching-Based Leader (Education)

This tier is about people development and peak performance. You become a coach, mentor or teacher (education) to your team. The idea is to turn your team members into self-sufficient, peak-performing “mini agents” who reach their full potential under your guidance. This time-consuming, tedious endeavor is often the weakest tier for many agents.

Tier Five—The Treasured Leader (Example)

This tier is about your legacy and inspirational impact. Frankly, if you excel at the other four tiers long enough, you’ll reach this lofty level. It means you’re a servant leader (example), an altitude reserved for an elite group of agents who’ve paid their dues by pouring themselves into the lives of their team members, customers and others in their communities.

You never leave any tier. You simply go beyond positional pride (Tier One) and sales/service (Tier Two) to deliberate delegation (Tier Three) and peak performance (Tier Four) until you make an inspirational impact (Tier Five). It’s an intentional game plan that, over time, will enable you, your team and agency to grow beyond your wildest imagination.

*Because this material is organized into 25 modules, it can be delivered in formats ranging from a keynote address and half-day seminar, to a full-day seminar, two-day seminar or longer. In addition, Dick also has a yearlong mentoring program for agents who want to grow and achieve greatness.

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