The insurance industry is changing rapidly. New distribution channels, like websites and 1-800 numbers, are surfacing and quickly becoming competitors for traditional agencies. Every insurer must decide where their agency forces fit into the evolving landscape, and develop tactics to set themselves apart.

Carrier executives will need to communicate with their agents about the ever-shifting sales arena, and the agency’s role in the new insurance economy. In an environment of price shopping and automation, insurance agents bring a human element. Customers still want to buy insurance from people they trust, and agencies must capitalize on that by guiding their clients through the process of choosing coverage.

At Korsgaden International, we work alongside carrier organizations to develop strategies that allow them to thrive, even in an uncertain market.

Carrier Transformation Strategy

Tomorrow’s insurance agent needs to be someone different than the agents of yesterday. They must be a business person, more client advisor than product pusher. With the insurance industry in flux, tomorrow’s agent must have skills that were not necessary 5, 10 or 20 years ago.

Customers increasingly need to buy from someone they know, like and trust. That trust factor is what causes someone to do business with an agency, instead of a computer program. Insurance isn’t tangible. People can’t ‘see’ what they are getting, so they rely on the word of the agent, and the reputation of the company providing the policy.

Building and enhancing customer relationships at the agency level is critical for long-term success. Agencies must have systems in place for two important actions: 1., staying in touch with customers, and 2., staying in touch with companies. This creates a culture where the health of customer relationships are continuously monitored and are significantly more profitable.

Let the team at Korsgaden International teach you simple strategies to re-define your role and choose the right agents to successfully sell insurance for years to come.

Recruiting and Onboarding Strategy

Equally important as choosing the right agents is ensuring that they are onboarded correctly. Without a successful onboarding process, an agent can have all the right skills, but won’t be able to live up to his potential. Having strong onboarding systems in place ensures that agents are productive.

For more than two decades, we have been helping carriers:

  • Recruit agents with the right skills and motivation
  • Create onboarding systems that ensure success
  • Communicate corporate expectations and goals
Creating a successful company depends on building a roster of agents that are clear on what they are required to produce, and that have all the tools needed for maximum productivity. When everyone is working toward the same goals, the whole enterprise thrives.

Agency Productivity Strategy

When an insurance carrier has a comprehensive productivity strategy, each agency is more profitable, and able to:

  • Target the right prospects and spend more time selling
  • Achieve more multi-line sales in each household they serve
  • Improve sales in all lines of insurance at the same time
  • Embrace the changing insurance landscape
When all agencies are operating at maximum efficiency, you can achieve the highest-possible productivity company-wide. In the long run, stronger agencies are able to sustain higher revenue levels.

In order to optimize agency production, you must have the right systems in place. At Korsgaden International, we conduct a detailed analysis of our clients’ distribution systems and look for opportunities to improve operations and increase productivity.

Your Partner in a Changing Industry

Troy Korsgaden has thirty years of insurance industry expertise to draw on. He and the team at Korsgaden International will deliver results you can count on.

We are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with the carriers we serve by helping them improve operations and increase profitability.

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