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An insurance company is only as good as its agencies, and an agency is only as good as its agents and staff. We help corporations set up recruiting and training systems so that agents know how to bring on the right staff and set them up for success.

In order for carriers to achieve strategic objectives for performance and growth, they have to have the right people, the right processes, and the right production. We partner with carrier executives and guide them through every step
of the process.

Agency Recruiting Strategies

For insurance carriers, finding the right agent is more difficult than it used to be. You don’t just need someone to sell policies; you need the right person to run a profitable agency. The perfect agent for today’s economy is someone with the right skills and education, and someone who is motivated and wants to make more money. More than likely, that person already has a career, so it must be someone who is willing to take a risk and wants to do something different.

The most effective insurance agent must be a client advisor, not simply a salesman. They must know how to develop customer relationships and build loyalty, since retention is essential in today’s changing insurance industry.

Carrier organizations must locate the right agents if they hope to build a team of productive and profitable agencies. At Korsgaden International, we help executives develop deliberate recruitment goals and processes to attract a top-notch sales force.

Staff Recruiting Strategies

Insurance companies need to know that their agencies are staffed correctly to ensure maximum profitability. We help carriers create a road map that details recruiting goals and processes for their agencies.

Just as it takes a special person to make a truly effective agent, recruiting staff that will help agencies operate efficiently means finding someone with specific skills and personality. Knowing what to look for, and where to find it,
can be difficult.

At Korsgaden International, we help carriers set staffing guidelines for agencies to follow. We know that the right system can deliver continuity across agency forces, and that consistency in agency quality helps carriers grow.

Onboarding Strategies

A successful onboarding process can make the difference between agency success and failure. It is the most important step in ensuring that your agencies continue to produce over time.

At Korsgaden International, we create continuity programs for carriers, so that the onboarding process is carried out uniformly across the agency force. We believe that the first 90 days someone spends in an agency will determine the course of his or her career.

For more than two decades, we have been helping carriers:
  • Recruit agents with the right skills and motivation
  • Create onboarding systems that ensure success
  • Communicate corporate expectations and goals
Companies depend on proper onboarding to increase their return on investment, and they rely on KI to set their agencies up for success.

Agency Productivity Strategies

How do you ensure that your agents and their staff get the most out of every hour they spend at work? Achieving the highest productivity company-wide depends on all agencies operating at maximum efficiency.

With a comprehensive productivity strategy, each agency can:
  • Target the right prospects and spend more time selling
  • Achieve more multi-line sales in each household they serve
  • Improve sales in all lines of insurance at the same time
We design agent and staff productivity systems that create high efficiency, high profit agencies that give maximum return on investment. And, we provide measurement tools that allow you to understand the outcome.

Systems That Let You See Results

The Korsgaden International team creates recruiting, onboarding and productivity enhancing systems that allow your business to run efficiently and at peak profitability. You will be able to easily track and improve your return
on investment.

If you are a carrier executive looking to build stronger agencies that are able to sustain higher revenue levels,
we can help.

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