Proactive marketing programs can help drastically improve sales and retention, and Insurance companies of all sizes need to focus on creating systems that get results. The more successful a carrier’s agents are, the more profitable the carrier. For the past twenty years, Korsgaden International has been helping the nation’s largest carriers implement marketing and retention programs to ensure their agencies’ success.

Dual Marketing Program

The Insurance industry has changed. These days, many of the consumers shopping for coverage simply want the best price. They want to buy insurance instantaneously – based on cost – and don’t prioritize a relationship with the agent. They buy first, and develop the relationship later.

In order for carriers to thrive in this environment, agency forces must be able to close during the initial conversation with a potential client.

Luckily, there are still insurance shoppers that crave the added value an agent brings. They don’t care about the cheapest price, but want a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor.

Korsgaden International’s proven Dual Marketing Program will help your organization capitalize on this changing environment by bringing both first-contact sales systems and relationship-building sales systems to your agents.

Increased Agency Production

By implementing marketing programs that support increased agency productivity, you will ensure
your company’s success.

But, in order to optimize agency production, you must have the right systems in place. Agencies of all sizes can sometimes get derailed. Let us help you get your agents back to working at maximum efficiency, and your agencies producing outstanding results.

We’ll show your teams how to:

  • Identify the right prospects and build a quality book of business
  • Establish a steady stream of referrals
  • Motivate their staff for increased productivity
  • Turn every product and every employee into a profit center
  • Embrace the changing insurance industry
  • Re-define their role as agents in the new economy
We have a proven track record for producing marketing and sales strategies that support continued growth and turn your agents and staff into high-powered teams that get results. Let Troy Korsgaden teach you how to evaluate your business and create a vision for the future.

The Marketing Expertise You Need

We work to understand your objectives and deliver real results – focusing not just on strategy, but also on practical steps to reach your goals.

Korsgaden International’s internal and external marketing systems include training in:

  • Agency Specialization
  • Client Relationship Programs
  • Appointment Setting
  • Annual Review Program
  • First-contact Sales System
  • Agency Retooling System
  • Referral System
  • Staff Training Systems
Harness the power of these marketing and retention techniques, and keep your agencies – and your business - running at peak productivity.

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