Turn your Multi-line Agency into a Profit Center

Insurance industry specialist Troy Korsgaden has developed a library of success tools that will jump-start your agency’s growth, and help you sustain it over time.

Troy has spent years teaching multi-line insurance agents how to grow their businesses through live seminars and consulting services; now his expertise is available to you in the comfort of your own home or office.

You will find a robust set of coaching tools, including books, training videos, handouts and downloadable forms.

All of them come with Troy’s promise to you: if you start implementing what you learn here, you will have a more profitable business in less than a year.

The Importance of an Agency Handbook

Troy Korsgaden discusses the importance of an agency handbook by answering the following questions:

Do you have an outline available for what to put in the handbook?
Does this handbook include the agency goals as well?

How much financial info do you share with your staff in your roadmap?

Does a producer I hire who is only on salary need to sign the handbook too?

Can I get a copy of your handbook?


Troy Korsgaden answers the following questions regarding specialization:

Does this mean the specialist cannot talk about lines of business to the customer?

Is the specialist never trained in other lines?

How do you handle commissions if one producer has to hand off the business to another specialist?

Does this mean I have to hire a bunch of new staff?

How do I transition my existing staff?

Who do I determine becomes a specialist in what category?

Integrating Technology into the Insurance Industry

Troy Korsgaden answers the following questions regarding integrating technology:

Do most customers prefer to buy insurance online or over the phone?

How are you integrating this into your agency versus how an independent agency would?

5 Steps in your Agency’s Communication

Troy addresses the following questions on how your agency should communicate:

Do you believe social media is a good medium for communicating with clients or prospective clients?

Should you have a separate account for your business or use your personal account?

How often should a message be sent out?

What is the best way to “Identify Your Audience?”

Does this replace asking for referrals from existing clients?

7 Ways to Communicate with Your Customers

Troy Korsgaden answers questions from his most recent written blogs including:

Do you have a chart or template to keep track of who and when to contact your customers?

Does your agency use any third party vendors to facilitate with this?

Do you have any “canned” letters or scripts available?

How does your staff find time during the day to implement this program?

Increase Agency Revenue from Life Insurance

Sell life insurance to fund your agency growth

Retooling Your Insurance Agency

Retooling Your Insurance Agency – Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International talks about the process of taking the time to break away from your operations and focus on retooling your agency.

Increasing Agency Revenue from Life Insurance

Implement a system in your agency where revenues from life insurance sales are reinvested into your agency to fund growth. Life insurance is good for your clients and your agency. Solve the challenge of funding your agency’s growth by listening to Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International.

The Importance of the Annual Review

Troy will address the following questions:

  1. Do you allow the producers to do the reviews in your place?
  2. Do you try to sell during the annual review?
  3. How do you get the client to come in to the office for the review?
  4. How many reviews does your agency do a week?
  5. When should I start my annual review process if I have been in business for less than 1 year?
  6. Do both spouses need to be present at the review?
  7. How do you handle add-on policies during the review?

Who Needs an Umbrella?

One of the advantages to being a multi-line insurance agent is that you can offer your clients complete coverage through umbrella policies. However, most agents don’t sell these policies to enough of their clients, missing a golden opportunity to increase agency revenue and expand their book of business.

How much thought and strategy do you put into communicating the value of umbrellas to your clients?

In addition to being beneficial for the client, umbrellas have many advantages for the agent:

– Increased premiums from a single client
– High likelihood of profit
– Increased retention
– Stronger relationships with customers

Competing in the New Insurance Economy

How do multi-line agents compete in today’s ever-evolving sales arena?

New distribution channels, like websites and 1-800 numbers, are surfacing in the insurance industry and becoming competitors. How will agencies survive?

In this podcast, Troy Korsgaden, one of the top insurance agents in the country, talks about the agency’s role in the new insurance economy. Troy believes we need to shift our focus and start to get the word out about the value that agents deliver.

In this changing landscape, insurance agents bring a human element. People still want to buy insurance from people they know and trust. Discover simple strategies that will help you re-define your role and thrive.

Selling Stabillity

Insurance isn’t tangible. People can’t ‘see’ what they are getting, so they rely on the stability of the company providing the policy, and of you as the agent, to tell them they are getting a good product.

In this podcast, Troy Korsgaden discusses his personal process for entering a sales situation. You will discover the questions – and answers – he uses to prepare for a pitch, including:

– Who really buys insurance from me?
– Why do they buy insurance?
– What does the customer really need?

Learn the key points of any sales conversation, and how to educate your customers on the need for stability.

Identifying a Real Prospect

How do you identify a real, viable prospect?

Sometimes, it’s not easy. But wasting time with the wrong prospects can kill your business. In order to be successful, you must identify who to spend your time with and who not to.

After 30+ years as an insurance agent, Troy Korgaden has identified a formula for identifying true prospect, and he shares it with you in this podcast.

Learn how to create a plan for working with the right people at the right time. Troy will show you how to maximize your efficiency by choosing the right customers, and letting the wrong ones go.

Marketing Blitz

Troy Korsgaden credits proactive marketing efforts with helping him build one of the most successful multi-line insurance agencies in the country. Troy believes that weekly marketing should be at the top of the to-do list for every agency.

In this podcast, you will discover the marketing systems and techniques that Troy uses in his own agency.

The ATM (appointment to market) and STEAM (stop everything and market) systems will revolutionize the way your agency markets by getting your whole staff involved.

With consistent use of these techniques, you will see an immediate increase in the number of people you see each day, and will drastically improve your sales and retention.

Using What You’ve Already Got

To sustain agency growth, insurance agents are constantly forced to find new ways to attract and retain clients.

In this podcast, find out why your current customer base represents your biggest opportunity for finding new clients.

Learn specific strategies for meeting new clients, including:

– Asking for emergency contact information
– Tracking client rhythms
– Focusing on referrals
– Making a commitment not to sell

There are already opportunities within your agency to find new customers; you just have to know where to look.

Create Agency Success Through Cultivating a Happy Staff

Creating a successful insurance agency depends on happy employees. When everyone is content and working toward the same goals, the whole agency thrives.

Keeping your staff happy hinges on finding out what motivates them, but motivation itself is a complicated thing. First, you must understand that a person’s motivation can be different based on age, gender, personality and even circumstances.

In this podcast, learn how to find out what motivates the people in your agency, and how to use that information to get the most productivity out of each of them. Discover strategies for rewarding employees, whether you are an agency of two, or 200.

The DNA of Successful Multi-line Agencies

Troy Korsgaden has spent his 30-year career studying what makes an insurance agency profitable. He found that the most successful multi-line agencies in the world share a distinct set of characteristics.

In this podcast, you will learn the 10 things successful agencies do:

– Offer a suite of multi-line products
– Focus on selling life and financial services
– Remind themselves why they sell life insurance
– Focus on education, not selling
– Keep a short list of prospects
– Keep a long list, including existing customers and suspects
– Understand the products they sell
– Have a little fun
– Quantify everything
– Stay consistent

These are the practices that are proven to create results. Watch the video to learn more.

Finding Customers

As agents, we need to establish a steady stream of new business, but knowing where to find it can be a challenge.
Are you guilty of taking clients where you can get them, rather than strategically building a solid book of quality accounts?

In this podcast, you will learn how to find prospects and turn them into customers by putting specific systems into place. Using proven techniques, you will:

– Increase new accounts
– Build a quality book of business
– Establish a stream of referrals

Discover why staying targeted in your efforts is important, and focusing on a small group of prospects is a more effective strategy for building trust and longevity.

It’s All About the Customer

Your customers are valuable. The only reason you have an agency at all is because of your customers, and their needs and wants must come first.

Troy Korsgaden has worked with thousands of agencies all over the world, and found that the top producing agencies meet with their clients in person at least one time each year, and touch their clients in other ways at least 7 times a year.

Troy’s tips for leveraging each meeting include:

– Listen
– Ask, don’t tell
– Never assume
– Remember the customer is king
– Keep your promises

Learn more by watching this podcast on how to put your customers first.

Hire an ACR to Dig up the Gold

In any insurance agency, building and enhancing customer relationships is critical for long-term success. You must have a system in place for staying in touch with your customers.

In this podcast, learn about the staff position that Troy Korsgaden calls the “Magic Bullet” for his agency. The Agency Contact Representative (ACR) is responsible for strengthening client relationships.

Troy will explain how to best use an ACR, including:

– How to schedule 10 appointments each day
– What days and times are best for making client calls
– How to determine what time of year to call each client

Effectively implementing an ACR allows you and your staff to focus on spending quality time with clients and deepening relationships, leading to agency growth.

Life Insurance Sales and Retention

Troy Korsgaden runs one of the most successful multi-line insurance agencies in the country. He has spent the past 30 years perfecting systems that have allowed his agency to continue to grow.

In this video, Troy shares one of his most important strategies: the creation of a position within your agency called the ‘Agency Concierge,’ whose sole responsibility is to contact clients. You will learn a step-by-step process for turning those phone calls into appointments, and each appointment into a sale.

Let Troy show you how to implement a very specific life insurance sales and retention program that will create the bulk of your agency’s revenue and allow you the flexibility to hire additional staff, and stay on track for growth.

This video training, along with the companion scripts and handouts, will give you all the tools you need to set up the Life Insurance Concierge system. You will be able to quickly and easily implement the things you learn here, making it possible for an agency of any size to achieve immediate growth.

Concierge Service

Troy Korsgaden explains the concept of Concierge service.

How to Build Product Density in Your Agency

How do I systematically build my product density? Listen to Q & A’s from Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International, as he talks about cross selling inside your agency’s book of business.

Getting Referrals from Existing Clients

How do I approach my existing clients for referrals? Do you have a specific program or script you use? Listen to Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International talk about the soft approach to getting referrals and growing your agency.

How to Keep Your Insurance Agency Staff Motivated

Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International answers questions about keeping your insurance agency employees motivated and creating a fun place for them to work.

Learning the Art of Selling

The Art of Selling – Is it a learned skill or are you born with it? Listen to Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International answer this question.

Specialist vs Generalist Agency

Should I have a specialist or generalist insurance agency set-up? Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International answers your questions on running a profitable insurance agency.

Why Marketing Plans are Important in Your Agency

How often should you update your marketing plan and what is the recommended budget for marketing? Learn from Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International disccuss marketing plans and how to determine your marketing budget.

The Importance of Technology for Insurance Agencies

What is the importance of technology in your insurance agency? Learn from Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International as he talks about customer driven IT needs in your agency.

Marketing Systems for Insurance Agents

What are the most successful marketing systems your agency uses today? Learn from Troy Korsgaden, CEO of Korsgaden International as he shares his success strategies in a Q & A session.

When to Hire Your First Employee

When do you know it’s time to hire your first employee? What are the signs? Learn from seasoned insurance industry veteran, Troy Korsgaden and Korsgaden International.


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