3 November 2014
3 November 2014,

Like everything else in the world, business continues to change and evolve. However, one of the things that remains constant is having a happy staff and a high-performance team. Creating a successful insurance agency depends on happy employees. When everyone is content and working toward the same goals, the entire agency thrives. In a study by Forbes, companies that scored in the top 20 percent for building a “recognition-rich culture” enjoyed a 31 percent lower voluntary turnover rate. That’s huge for any organization, as turnover can be costly when it comes to recruiting and training new employees. Today’s younger generation is not as interested in money as a priority for employment enjoyment. That’s not to say money is not important, everyone needs to make a living. However, today’s younger employees focus more on what technology you provide, flextime for commuting, allowances for personal obligations, etc. In addition, we have always believed whether it’s a tenured employee or a new hire – everyone likes the little things. Keeping your staff happy hinges on finding out what motivates them, but motivation itself can be complex to understand. First, you must understand that a person’s motivation can differ based on their age, gender, personality and even personal circumstances. My agency, Korsgaden/Jansma Farmers Insurance Agency, does a great job with motivating our staff. A few things that my sister Sharon and our office manager Shelley try to provide for the staff in recognition of high-performance:

  • Gift cards
  • Bonuses in cash
  • Small trips
  • Time off outside of vacation/sick time
  • The opportunity to get involved in the community
  • Group gatherings- such as lunch brought into the office
  • The star of the week (we choose a high performer for the week.)


You can try any of these rewards but you want to find out what motivates the people in your agency, and how to use that information to get the most productivity out of each of them, whether you are an agency of two, or 200.The ultimate motivation is appreciation of a job well done. People like to be acknowledged for their contribution to the company. Creating a positive work environment for your staff can make all the difference in the world. Visit us at Korsgaden International to learn more about our products and services. View more articles about Agency Support.

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