21 July 2014
21 July 2014,

All good businesses should have structured systems set in place. You need your business to have continuity with the way you operate. For your agency, and all businesses for that matter, a handbook is a great resource for both you and your staff.

Early in my career, the idea of a handbook was explained to me from two different people in the military. The two individuals explained to me that when they deploy a unit, they have a book that gives them a step-by-step protocol of what to do so that they don’t miss a thing – it is the ultimate checklist.

Most agents I’ve met don’t provide a handbook or have such policies and protocols in place. I’ve worked with thousands of agencies and I’ve learned that simply “flying by the seat of your pants” doesn’t work and you always end up hitting a brick wall at some point. It’s important to implement structure in your business in order for it to be successful.

The agency handbook does a number of things. It states the office policies, work schedule, dress code, expectations, safety guidelines, customer relation protocols and more. It’s an important tool that sets the standards on different areas of what makes your business operate correctly. Your agency handbook should include an overview of your business along with the general employment policies. The policies are more beneficial and useful when they are applied as guidelines rather than as rules and regulations.

For instance, if a staff member is unsure of what the proper attire should be in certain situations, he or she can reference the handbook for the correct dress protocol. Or perhaps someone on your staff is planning a vacation, but isn’t sure about the company’s vacation time policies. He or she can refer to the handbook for this information before coming to you with any questions or requests and a clear protocol will already be in place.

Creating an agency handbook is a valuable element to incorporate into your business. An agency handbook can also help improve employee morale, as it shows that you’re interested in communicating in a fair and consistent manner with your entire staff. The handbook helps to set standards, bring new employees up to speed more quickly and helps to increase overall efficiency and professionalism.

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