14 April 2014
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14 April 2014,

It’s a familiar scenario: things are going well, your agency is growing, but once you reach a certain number of policies in force, you end up spending more time servicing existing clients than you do selling new policies, so your agency growth stalls. After seeing this pattern over and over again – including in my own agency – I implemented a system that would allow us to continue selling more policies, while making sure we serviced the ones we already had in place.

It’s called the ACR Program. ACR stands for ‘Agency Contact Representative,’ a role that every agency should create on staff in order to start setting more appointments immediately.

In any insurance agency, building and enhancing customer relationships is critical for long-term success. You must have a system in place for staying in touch with your customers. The ACR has become the ‘Magic Bullet’ for my agency, because his or her sole responsibility is strengthening client relationships.

Here are some details about how the ACR position should be structured for maximum results:

The ACR works Monday through Thursday, from 2pm to 7pm. His or her task is to schedule a minimum of 10 appointments each day.

In order to touch as many clients or potential clients as possible, the ACR should make 40 call per hour during his/her shift. These calls will include a mix of several types of client interactions:

  • Warm calling
  • Cold calling
  • X-dating
  • Scheduling annual reviews
  • Setting appointments
  • Confirming appointments


For best results, provide your ACR with a script for what to say during each type of call. That way you can insure that each interaction is being handled the same way, and you will have a blueprint for onboarding each new person who assumes the role.

The ACR can use information from central marketing reports, call requests, hit lists and referrals to determine who to call. The focus of each week’s calls (and which type of call is most important) can be determined by you (The agent/owner) or by your agency’s operations manager.

All new appointments should be confirmed one day in advance. These are terrific ‘warm up’ calls for the ACR to begin a productive day of setting appointments. They should be handled first.

You will need a system in place for the ACR to record new appointments, and inform the producers that an appointment has been set. I like to have my ACR record all appointments on the producer calendar/schedule, including client profile notes and an appointment sheet. Copies of the appointment sheets are also given to the operations manager, and retained by the ACR.

All calls made during each day are noted on the agency contact tracking sheet.

Effectively implementing an ACR in your agency allows you and your staff to focus on spending quality time with clients and deepening relationships, knowing that appointment setting is taken care. Filling this one position on your team can put you on the fast track for agency growth!

If you would like to learn more about how the ACR Program works, and how to implement it in your agency, check out my video training series: Unleash the Power of Your Agency.

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