Starting September 26th @ 10 CST, we are excited to announce weekly Study Group Industry Sessions for the Discussion Partner Accelerator program.

These sessions play a critical role for agents and carriers committed to radical transformation and full execution of the Discussion Partner Accelerator Program. Join us weekly as you learn, grow and expand your agency operation.
Each session, we dive into a new module, create goals, and implement as we go.

(Proprietary private Carrier sessions available)

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Troy Korsgaden is a leader in the insurance and financial services industry. In this accelerator course, Troy will walk you through what it means to do business in the insurance and financial services industry in a discussion partner model. With personal testimonies, practical application points, and inspiring insights, this is sure to be an investment in your career that you don’t want to pass by!


This offer will get you enrolled in the accelerator course for only $1895!


Troy Korsgaden is a #1 bestselling author, a highly sought after speaker and consultant in the insurance and financial services industry with a proven track record of success.

With his 30-plus years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, he is able to draw on his extensive knowledge of best practices and industry trends as inspiration for his many consulting opportunities and speaking engagements.

Troy is highly respected for his insights in the application of technology for carrier workflows and distribution, as well as change management, customer service, and transformational work. His energy, dynamism, humor and distinctive ability to connect with his audience truly set him apart and keep him in high demand.





Without strategy, you have no road map for where you’re going. Segment your clientele, determine your organization’s “zone,” and be a student of your business to discover the strategy that’s right for you. 

Becoming a discussion partner is all about understanding and caring for your customer. Once you transform your service, you’ll see quantum leaps in the effectiveness and reach of your organization.

Why does specialization in your team matter? Because everyone is most effective when they’re focused on a specific set of things. Having a team full of generalists isn’t as effective as having a team full of specialists.

Want to make clients come to you? Want to keep in touch with people like never before? In this module, we’ll explore practical strategies that will have you meeting with people all day long–– people who think that contacting you was their own idea.

Lead generation is essential; but the mechanics behind it baffle many business leaders. In this module, we’ll learn how to identify your target market, develop your leads, create effective workflows, and so much more that will empower you to find and cultivate lucrative leads.

No one walks in your door as the perfect customer; they’re developed into the perfect customer. From the first call to closing, this module will walk you through how to prioritize, quote to, sell to, and present to your customers. 

The deal is what? Learn when to close, how to follow up, how to deal with claims experiences, and much more in this module. Ultimately, your goal is to have your customers get all their coverage under one roof.

Remember the roadmap we made? Now it’s time to equip our team with the tools and vision to make it happen. Develop your staff, retool your database, and get equipped and prepared for the future. It’s time for a new normal!

"I've been a proponent of Troy's systems for over a decade, and one of the things that I think anyone would appreciate about Discussion Partner (or any of his books), is the style in which he writes. Discussion Partner feels more like a conversation than a lecture, and be prepared to take notes. Each chapter gives you plenty of actionable items to help improve yourself TODAY. I found myself reading the entire book in one setting, however, I tend to go back to it weekly to continue to comb it for more information."

Zachary T.
Amazon Customer

"Discussion Partner is a good read for anyone leading a team in the insurance business. Troy does a good job unpacking how the current break-neck change in the industry will impact the individual advisor. Ignore change at your own peril...understand it and be part of the solution that provides the consumer what THEY want..."

Daniel S.
Amazon Customer

"Troy has once again delivered cutting edge insights into where our industry is headed. Change is coming fast, and those agencies that accept this fact and adapt will survive. At the same time, it's not just technology that will ensure success, it's superior customer service delivered efficiently and effectively that will separate the winners from the losers. Embrace change, deliver an exceptional customer experience, and do it with proven systems within the agency, and you will rise above the rest!! Thanks Troy, another home run!!"

Duane D.
Amazon Customer

This offer will get you enrolled in the accelerator course for only $1895!


Here’s How the Accelerator Course Works

When you join this accelerator course with Troy, you’ll walk together through the foundational principles of doing business in the insurance and financial services industry today. You’ll learn how to better serve your customers, find and retain team members, and be effective in your spheres of influence. There are 3 layers to the Discussion Partner Accelerator I want to share with you.

1. Discussion Partner by Troy Korsgaden

You will receive my book, where I invite you to wake up to the radical transformation taking place in the insurance industry.

2. Discussion Partner Study Guide

This companion guide will help you dive deeper and apply what you’ve learned. With in-depth study questions, as well as space to record your thoughts and ideas, this is sure to enhance your experience throughout the accelerator.

3. Discussion Partner Accelerator Video Curriculum

Every week, you’ll join Troy as he shares from that week’s module. These videos include practical tips, stories, and personal experiences that will help you maximize your organization’s potential.

4. LIVE Training Sessions

Live training sessions allow space to strategize, put it all together and learn new ideas. Come as you are, ask questions, join in the discussion and/or sit back and soak in the collaboration and support.

Certified Professional Business Coach Tina Paulus-Krause will facilitate the LIVE sessions. Tina’s expansive 22 year background in the insurance and financial services industry provides a training platform that brings The Discussion Partner Accelerator Program to life in a step by step implementation process. The purpose of these live sessions is to provide a robust, interactive study group / mastermind space for you to dig in, strategize on your business and provide the coaching and tools to implement in your agency, with support along the way.

“I am thrilled to be training this incredible program. The LIVE sessions are the glue and the differentiator from any program out there. Too often in business, we spend too much time and money on development without implementation. The framework of this program allows the participants to go from strategy to execution while leveling up leadership and team along the way.” -Tina Paulus-Krause, Trainer | Speaker | Coach

For more info on Tina, CLICK HERE


This offer will get you enrolled in the accelerator course for only $1895!

Sleep easy knowing you’re covered by our full 100% money back guarantee.

Life’s too short to be wondering what could have been. Finally have the insight and encouragement you need to reach your goals without self-doubt, self-sabotage, or unhealthy work environments.

Join the Discussion Partner Accelerator Course knowing that you are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. We’re confident in this program; if your purchase fails to meet your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund within the first year of purchase.

This is our way of thanking you for your decision to invest in becoming the best, most unstoppable version of yourself.


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