Your Leader Legacy – Day 18

Next up in the Your Leadership Legacy online series: Troy Korsgaden, President, Korsgaden International!

Join us and learn why it’s critical to evolve leadership with the pace of change.

Troy Korsgaden is a valued consultant in global marketing and distribution strategies and other matters of vital importance for many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and financial services firms. Over more than three decades, he has taught and inspired hundreds of thousands of people.

Troy Korsgaden

Troy is highly respected for his insights in the application of technology for carrier workflows and distribution, as well as change management, customer service, and transformational work. He is the President of Korsgaden International and the author of six books. He lives in Visalia, California.

In this conversation…

  • Importance of the need to always be growing
  • How adding rigor and process allow the rest to fall into place
  • Lessons learned on listening

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