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Find out about our customized consultation options for you and your company. With decades of experience in the insurance and financial services industry- including experience with leading carriers from around the globe- Troy is the prime candidate to help your company take the next step to future growth.



Hear from Troy about his experience in the industry, the lessons he’s learned, and his most effective tips for maximizing your influence. Whether you work for a carrier’s office, or you’re a leader in the field, take advantage of the wisdom Troy has to offer!



From best-selling books decades in the making, to his immersive virtual masterclass, see what Troy has to offer in the way of world-class resources. Buy for yourself, for a leader you know, or walk through a resource with your entire team!


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Troy Korsgaden is a leader in the insurance and financial services industry. In this accelerator course, Troy will walk you through what it means to do business in the insurance and financial services industry in a discussion partner model. With personal testimonies, practical application points, and inspiring insights, this is sure to be an investment in your career that you don’t want to pass by!


Korsgaden International helps build larger and stronger distribution through consulting, customized roadmaps, engaging presentations, world-class events, state-of-the-art services, and other valuable resources.


Troy Korsgaden is a highly sought-after insurance and financial services consultant. He is the principal of Korsgaden International, which specializes in global marketing, distribution, field leader and advisor building, and technology strategies for many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and financial services companies.

As a consultant, speaker, and author of six books, Korsgaden’s mission is to help the insurance industry and its representatives wake up to the radical transformation taking place in the insurance industry. He helps those in the industry learn how to better communicate with consumers, so that consumers develop a higher appreciation for the value of insurance products.

In his career, which spans over three decades, Korsgaden has instructed and spoken with hundreds of thousands of executives, agents, brokers, and staff members. A widely respected expert on the seamless distribution ecosystem. Korsgaden consults corporate insurance and financial services leaders on customer service, change management, technology, and transformational work, among many other key topics.


Michelle Hubert is recognized as a highly successful leader in the insurance and financial services industry, specializing in developing leaders, building culture, and driving results. A published author and dynamic speaker, she has been helping business owners around the world attain operational and leadership excellence for more than 30 years.

Michelle is a Million Dollar Round Table qualifier with a proven track record of success in owning and operating a financial services agency and coaching and developing leaders. Her experience as an agent, manager, director, and regional vice president gives her a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities present in the field and at the corporate level.

As a principal with Korsgaden International, Michelle consults with corporate, field, and agency leaders, helping them to develop world-class cultures and consistent, predictable results at every level of the business. A true servant leader, Michelle is passionate about developing others to their highest potential.


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