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Meet Troy Korsgaden

Troy Korsgaden is a published author, trainer, speaker and consultant, and the founder of Korsgaden International.

Troy’s expertise, industry knowledge and ability to transform are unmatched. His energy, dynamism, humor and distinctive ability to connect with his audience truly set him apart and keep him in high demand.


Why Troy?

Troy is one of the industry’s most highly sought-after speakers and consultants with a proven track record of success.

With 30+ years of experience in the industry, Troy’s knowledge of leading practices and industry trends are invaluable to clients and companies he works with.


Consultations with Korsgaden International are designed to assess the needs of your company, pinpoint the next steps for the way forward, and collaborate on delivery and execution.

Korsgaden International believes that leadership is not a solo endeavor. You need consultants and mentors to come alongside you. As veterans in the insurance and financial services industry, the Korsgaden team has been everywhere from the trenches all the way up to the CEO’s chair, Korsgaden International is well-equipped to provide practical, effective strategies for you and your team. 

Korsgaden International will help your company with discovery/scope, framework, execution, and a roadmap to create a cycle of continuous improvement.


Options: Keynote Speaches // Interactive/Multi-Topic Seminars // Breakout Sessions // Monthly Talks with Troy // Executive and Manager Coaching // Study Groups // Social Events // Custom Events Tailored to Your Needs

ROI of Booking Troy to Speak

  • The ability to personalize and weave your organization’s objectives into his presentation.
  • Gain insights into Troy’s industry knowledge that you can immediately apply to your business.
  • Turnkey actionable items based on Troy’s experience and expertise.
  • Simple solutions that apply to every business size and longevity.
  • Low- to no-cost business investment strategies guaranteed to provide an immediate boost in customer growth.
  • Troy’s ability to connect and relate to any audience based on his business experiences will enable your audience to engage more deeply and productively.
  • Troy inspires audiences to execute on ideas and create a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • Optional follow-up webinars to ensure ongoing success.

Personalized Approached

After consulting with your organization, Troy will create a customized approach – from a keynote address to a study group or breakout session – to create maximum value for your event attendees and your company.

The Value

Organizations consistently find Troy's presentations provide a high return in the form of roadmapping for success and employee commitment to delivering top-quality customer service and technology comfort.

Follow Up

An event with Troy doesn't end with the event. Attendees get full access to materials used during the event, as well as access to after-event webinars and opportunities to engage with Troy.

Frequently Addressed Topics

Troy can cover a multitude of critical, timely topics -- from emerging trends to leading practices. We’ve included some of the most commonly requested topics, but if you don’t see what your organization is interested in, just ask. Troy can customize his presentations to suit your needs.

Creating a seamless ecosystem for service and sales // Evaluating your business // Staff recruiting and development // Marketing // Finding and retaining customers // Retooling your agency // How to create a new business model // Cross-selling // Leveraging technology // Creating a business roadmap to the future // Annual review programs // Value-selling vs. Price-selling


Meet Michelle Hubert

Michelle Hubert is a published author, facilitator, speaker and consultant, and a principal at Korsgaden International.

Michelle’s dynamic and engaging style combined with her extensive experience and proven ability to get results make her one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers.


"Troy will inspire, and bring dynamic energy."

"A highly sought-after platform speaker and trainer."

"Troy is a master teacher of business ownership."

"I successfully installed Troy’s ‘magic bullet’ and have never turned back."

"Troy is a dedicated professional who inspires others to succeed."


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