We spearhead a dynamic movement within the multiline insurance sector, championing innovation, collaboration and excellence.

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Our Objective: To spearhead a dynamic movement within the multiline insurance sector, championing innovation, collaboration and excellence.


Korsgaden Insights helps build larger and stronger distribution through consulting, customized roadmaps, engaging presentations, world-class events, state-of-the-art services, and other valuable resources.

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Find out about our customized consultation options for you and your company. With decades of experience in the insurance and financial services industry- including experience with leading carriers from around the globe- Troy is the prime candidate to help your company take the next step to future growth.



Hear from Troy about his experience in the industry, the lessons he’s learned, and his most effective tips for maximizing your influence. Whether you work for a carrier’s office, or you’re a leader in the field, take advantage of the wisdom Troy has to offer!



From best-selling books decades in the making, to his immersive virtual masterclass, see what Troy has to offer in the way of world-class resources. Buy for yourself, for a leader you know, or walk through a resource with your entire team!


"For the past year, we have worked with Troy and Michelle at Korsgaden International to structure our business for new growth while preserving our current clients. This partnership has allowed us to look at our business and see the potential we have by getting in front of our current clients for reviews. Having a coach from the industry with so much prior success has allowed our team to benefit from all of the knowledge they learned the hard way. By participating in the small group setting, we have also found like-minded peers from around the United States with different insurance carriers, which allows a broader perspective on the issues we are trying to solve."

Brian and Geoffrey Herndon
Herndon Family Agency

"After 34 years of “knowing it all,” we were invited to the Korsgaden International Practice Management Program in Chicago. After that meeting, we decided to give the study group a shot. We are so glad we did! We have changed our office immensely due to the guidance and continued one-on-one support for implementing staffing, technology, and existing programs, without having to reinvent the wheel—All specific to the insurance industry! Who would’ve thought you could teach an old dog new tricks. We sure didn’t think so. The exchange of ideas from other agencies is a great key to success for agencies that want to grow in this ever-changing world."

Scott Uram and Chelsea Schlenker
Uram Insurance Agency

"Collaboration with Troy and Michelle over the past year has significantly elevated our agency’s level of engagement. Among the various tools and resources I’ve invested in over the years, the Practice Management Program stands out as the catalyst for the quickest return on our agency’s success and growth. It has instilled intentionality in all aspects of our operations, yielding results beyond my initial expectations. The personalized one-on-one guidance provided to propel my agency to the next level is evident, and I’m eagerly anticipating the continued positive trajectory ahead for us as we continue to implement the core principles within the program!"

Tate Secrist
Associate Manager/Agent

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