Net Gain Growth: Growing Your Business through Deliberate and Meaningful Client Interactions

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Troy Korsgaden’s appointment process, talk paths,
and business forms are brought together in one comprehensive book. Net Gain
Growth: Growing Your Business through Deliberate and Meaningful Interactions
takes you step-by-step through the process of growing your business through
scheduled appointments—from defining leads to conducting powerful

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Inflection Point: Redefining Your Role In The Insurance And Financial Services Industry When The Existing Model No Longer Works + Audiobook Offering

In the business world, an inflection point happens at a critical moment when the situation calls for new thinking and a different strategy. Troy Korsgaden—a highly sought-after insurance and financial services consultant, speaker, and the author of seven books—believes this is that moment for the insurance and financial industry. Previous assumptions about the way we do business are no longer accurate. His warning is that if we don’t see the need to change—and change now—many of us will lose customers . . . and perhaps lose our businesses.


Discussion Partner: A Radical Transformation to Unrivaled Service for Insurance Customers

DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND! The insurance industry is going through a revolution, but too many carriers, brokers, agents, and team members aren’t keeping up with the changes. Today, we live in an world of convenience, information, and choices. People expect every product and service— including insurance—to be as easy and efficient to purchase as a book or a piece of luggage. Right now, we’re not even close. In this book, Troy Korsgaden invites you to wake up to the radical transformation taking place in the insurance industry. Follow his advice and earn the right to be trusted by existing clients and new prospects. Eventually, all of us will become multiline reps, selling a wide range of products and services.


Power Position Your Agency: A Guide to Insurance Agency Success

Are you working too many hours for too few clients? Does it seem that you do more paperwork than peoplework? Will you spend more hours on the road than in front of people this year?

Whether your agency is big or small, if you answered yes to any of those quesitons, you need more than an andrenaline boost! You need a shot of strategies to wake things up and put you on the path to success fast.

Get the help you need by putting Troy Korsgaden on your side. His strategies have made a difference for the thousands of agents who have attended his seminars across the country. They can make a difference for you, too.


Specialization: The Master Key to Agency Transformation

This book is a quick and easy read, but the meaning can have major impact on how you do business. Troy Korsgaden gives you the steps to take to increase your book of business quickly.

Insurance industry expert Troy Korsgaden's latest book teaches agents how to transition from a "generalist agency" structure to what Korsgaden calls a "specialist agency" structure to increase efficiency, retention and revenue. Korsgaden created the system to advance agency growth in all lines of insurance, versus just the traditionally heavy lines such as auto.


Success & Sanity: Finding Balance, Peace and Purpose in a Pressure-Packed World

Enjoying a balanced life—one infused with peace, meaningful relationships, and a compelling purpose—seems like a pipedream to many of us. If we’re dedicated to achieving our full potential in our careers, our home life and health often suffer. But we’re often afraid that devoting too much time to our families, mental health, and physical fitness will cause us to fall behind at work. We live in this tension every day. In this book, Troy Korsgaden is honest about his struggles to achieve this kind of balance. He has found the keys to success and sanity, and shares his insights on his lifelong process to apply these principles.


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