What people have to say about Troy Korsgaden

December 22, 2016, Eric worked with Troy in different groups

I first met Troy in 1995 at Midway Airport in Chicago. We made the three hour journey to Peoria together for the annual Illinois Farmers agents seminar where he would be our keynote speaker. Imagine a three hour car ride with Troy as your first encounter...I've never learned so much and laughed so much in a shorter period of time. Six years later - soon after I transferred to Foremost - he agreed to address my new team of captive agency managers. You can imagine the raised eyebrows around the room...what a blast! Read his book. Invite him to speak. Enlist his support. If you're an insurance agency principal, you'll be glad you did.

Eric Schmidt, CLU, CLF
National Account Manager at Foremost Insurance, a member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

September 1, 2016, John was a client of Troy’s

I have seen Troy present multiple times over the last 8 years. Each time, I have come away impressed and learned new ideas that I applied successfully. Troy knows what he is talking about and is great at motivating others to take action. I've also read his books which have been just as impactful.

John Chambers
Advanced Insurance Sales Executive

June 2, 2015, Randy worked with Troy in different groups

Troy is a force of nature. The consummate professional with a big, passionate heart for doing good in the community. A friend and a colleague I could not recommend more.

Randy Rice
Managing Partner at RCM Communications Consultants

November 12, 2014, Iris worked with Troy but at different companies

Troy is dedicated to helping agents run their business the right way. I so appreciate his sharing of knowledge with those of us who aspire to take their agencies to the next level.

Iris Nance, LUTCF
Insurance Risk Advisor, The right coverage, the first time GUARANTEED, Top 10% Farmers Insurance

May 14, 2011, Tyler worked with Troy in different groups

I met Troy in 2001, while working for a vendor of Farmers Insurance and the Korsgaden Agency. Although I was contracted with the same company as Mr. Korsgaden, my area of operations was located 45 minutes south of Troy’s office and Troy was a-part of a rival District Group, I was again honored enough to stay in touch with Troy and his operations through the years. On several occasions I would call Troy’s office to ask about taking a group of new Agents and even tenured Agents to Troy’s office for a tour. I can honestly say, never in all my years of sales management, I have never come across anyone as talented, motivated, motivating, successful, driven, charismatic, and awe-inspiring, as Mr. Korsgaden.

With all his talents, success, and achievements, you would think he has got to be one of the busiest people in the business, and he is. As busy as Troy’s schedule is, and keeping in mind that, too contract with Mr. Korsgaden for a speaking engagement event does not come cheap (Although, guaranteed to be 100% well worth the investment), each and every time Troy happened to be in the office during these trips for a tour, he always took the time out of his schedule to step in and speak about the Insurance Agency Opportunity, and how to make the most of it.

Although, Troy and his office have nothing to gain from conducting these tours, and sharing their knowledge in these meetings, they always volunteered their time and knowledge, and shared trade secrets of ways to grow the business without hesitation. Every time we took these trips with Agents we always left Troy’s office feeling on top of the world and more encouraged than ever before. Not once, even after talking up his operations and team making them larger than life, would anyone leave disappointed or feeling that their expectations weren’t met and exceeded! In my eyes this is the mark of a true leader, champion, a real role model, and an inspiration in so many careers across the industry.

If anyone of us could live our lives and work our careers with even a portion of Mr. Korsgaden’s talent and motivation, the sky would be the limit in everything we do. In my years I have seen a lot of motivational speakers such as Zig Ziggler, and out of all these speakers and innovators, I would pay the highest ticket possible to see, listen, learn and grow, and be inspired by Mr. Troy Krosgaden, first and foremost.

Tyler Anderson, CRPS
Executive Account Associate Field Consulting Services at Mutual of America

May 10, 2011, Ryan was a client of Troy’s

Troy is a master teacher of business ownership. He has so many great ideas that really work. I have incorporated several of his key concepts with great success in my office. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to be more profitable!

Ryan Davis, MBA
Experienced and Successful Leader

April 14, 2011, Dennis worked with Troy but at different companies

Troy is a dedicated professional who inspires others to succeed. I attended a conference where Troy was a speaker and his entertaining style captured the audience. He is an outstanding author, coach, mentor, and speaker.

Dennis Erickson CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
Entrepreneur | Insurance Manager | Recruiter – I mentor, coach, and motivate individuals to achieve peak performance

February 16, 2010, Wade was a client of Troy’s

I heard Troy speak nearly 10 years ago, and I still hear mutual clients talk about the success they experience when implementing the insights from his talks and POWER POSITION YOUR AGENCY. There are many good "ideas" and lots of talented people out there, but there are very few SYSTEMS I've seen that work with agents & agencies of different markets, sizes, and levels. Troy's Agency Contact Representative system is one of them.  Just do it. Don't think about it. Don't reinvent it.

Wade Galt, CPCU, CLU, MS
4-Day Workweek & Income Optimization Coach for Entrepreneurs & Insurance Agency Owners

January 20, 2010, Jeremy was a client of Troy’s

I was first introduced to Troy when he was the speaker at a company event. Since that time I have read his book "Power Position Your Agency: A Guide to Insurance Agency Success" multiple times. In 2007 I successfully installed Troy's "magic bullet" into my agency and I have never turned back. We simply improve upon the process year after year. I would encourage anyone who has the oportunity to hear Troy speak not to pass it up. Furthermore, anyone who currently owns or manages an insurance agency needs to read "Power Position Your Agency: A Guide to Insurance Agency Success". And then read it again.

Jeremy Acker
Vice President - Compliance Consultant at Wells Fargo

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