H2insight and Korsgaden International Announce Partnership Combining Proven Retention and Marketing Systems with Scalable, Best-in-Class Outbound Calling

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2021

Korsgaden International, Inc. a leading consultant to many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and financial services companies, and H2insight, Inc., the largest and most reliable outbound call center to the insurance and homebuilding industries, today announced their partnership to link the most effective customer-building strategies with a consistent, professional calling force to deliver turnkey solutions for agents across North America.

The opportunity to combine Korsgaden’s growth and customer-centric systems with H2insight’s ability to execute high-quality outbound calling programs, allows carriers and agents to focus on results-driven activities.

“The industry itself is massive, yet it’s comprised of agencies that are mostly small businesses,” says Troy Korsgaden, principal of Korsgaden International. “Many agents are entrepreneurial business owners with limited staff and bandwidth. When we can take something critical off their plates so they can say ‘When I shut the door at night, it just gets done,’ that adds value and peace of mind.”

Both Korsgaden and H2insight CEO, Vince Kudla, agree it was a natural partnership based on their shared passion for providing unrivaled customer support and service. Helping businesses grow and thrive by tapping into their most underutilized asset, their current client base, has been a focus for both organizations from their beginnings. “Proactively reaching clients with customized strategies that are tailored to the insurance and financial services industry, while providing real-time feedback,  in a systematic and consistent basis is the value proposition we can offer the local agency storefront.” Kudla said.

“This is a rapidly changing industry where convenience, unparalleled service, and trust will win the day. In pursuit of those endeavors, we’re thrilled to join forces with Troy and his team to scale the time-tested and proven blueprint for agency success that Korsgaden International has been developing and sharing for over 25 years,” says Kudla. “The synergies between our companies are powerful. Most importantly, we believe the customer will win.”

About Korsgaden International
Korsgaden International specializes in global marketing, distribution, agency building, and technology strategies for many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and

financial services companies. Its mission is to help the industry and its representatives adapt to the radical transformation taking place in the industry today.


About H2insight
With over 24 years of experience H2insight has helped over 5,000 organizations across multiple industries improve their customer experience and increase sales. Proactive customer engagement, outbound calling solutions and real-time feedback combine to create opportunities for growth, retention, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


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