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Digital Is the Assistant We Always Wanted

From the 1980s through the early 2000s, many advisers and brokers dreamed of having more help with critical yet time-consuming tasks like proof of insurance and minor claims processing. We mused, “If only I had help with those tasks, I could spend more time focusing on high-touch customer service and sales.”

Today, digital...

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People Who Care Give It Their All With Troy Korsgaden -Insurance Guys Podcast

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Korsgaden International
People Who Care Give It Their All With Troy Korsgaden -Insurance Guys Podcast

A lively conversation between Troy Korsgaden, Bradley Flowers and Scott Howell.

The Insurance Guys Podcast

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The New, New World: We Need To Embrace The Unfamiliar and Capitalize On Abundant Opportunities

During the Age of Discovery, after Europeans made landfall in what would later be called the Americas, new trade routes brought new power, riches and wealth to the countries of Europe. Suddenly, despite the fact that the new order of things was unfamiliar, opportunities emerged that no one had ever dreamed were possible.

In today’s rapidly...

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Build Your Value Proposition Around What Customers Want

There was a time when tradition and longevity in the market were hallmarks of success in the insurance industry, and carriers had complete control over every step of the purchasing cycle.

But today, agility, innovation and transparency are the characteristics of the market leaders. These traits enable companies to thrive as our business is...

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Attracting Top Women in the Life Insurance Industry

careers insurance life Dec 19, 2019

An insurance professional, Troy Korsgaden is a consultant with Korsgaden International. A public speaker and a member of insurance and financial professionals trade group GAMA International, Troy Korsgaden regularly speaks to insurance executives about staff recruiting.

Over the next decade, 237,000 insurance advisors will retire, creating a...

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“Power Position Your Agency” Offers Success Tips for Insurance Agents

insurance Dec 19, 2019

A native of Visalia, California, Troy Korsgaden worked his way up through the insurance industry to become a noted expert and speaker. After building a profitable insurance agency with his partner, he founded Korsgaden International, a consulting company that provides training and advice to insurance agents. In addition to his work as a trainer...

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