Let's Be Honest With Ourselves, We Are No Longer on Easy Street

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2024

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’ve been on easy street. You know it’s easy, when all you have to say is, ‘Here’s your coverage and here's your price. Do you want it?' and everyone's happy. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Because it's been so easy, the fundamentals that should have been covered were not. Today, the fundamentals are essential because people need you more than ever. Everybody is in the same ball game. No one is immune from the chaos of the economy and the insurance marketplace.

We should be running toward our clients, telling them, 'I want to help you! It’s crazy out there. It’s a maze of madness. I want to hold your hand and help you through it. I don’t have every answer, but I’ve got places to go to get the answers.’ We owe it to people to be there for them at a time they need us most.

Meet with every client and make sure they understand the coverage they have. Let them know what they should be thinking about for coverages, discounts, and personal risk management. Let them know what other people in similar situations to theirs are doing. These three things should be fundamental to every client meeting you have.
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