“Power Position Your Agency” Offers Success Tips for Insurance Agents

insurance Dec 19, 2019

A native of Visalia, California, Troy Korsgaden worked his way up through the insurance industry to become a noted expert and speaker. After building a profitable insurance agency with his partner, he founded Korsgaden International, a consulting company that provides training and advice to insurance agents. In addition to his work as a trainer and consultant, Troy Korsgaden has helped insurance agents grow their businesses through his four books, including Power Position Your Agency: A Guide to Insurance Agency Success.

Power Position Your Agency offers concrete strategies to help insurance agencies get started or grow. Aimed at stressed-out insurance professionals who are swamped with paperwork and spend more hours on the road than they would like, the book offers actionable plans for success. From teaching readers how to get meetings with 10 clients a day to how to conclude said meeting in less than 30 minutes, Power Position Your Agency provides insurance professionals with a road map to the success they desire.


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