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Uncategorized Jul 10, 2024

I AM INCREDIBLY EXCITED about this new venture for Korsgaden International-now rebranded as Korsgaden Insights. In my work with insurance and financial services organizations, I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges many of you are facing as you struggle to adapt to the tsunami of change that continues to disrupt the industry. Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with many organizations, helping them adjust to these changes. It is these deep insights into the industry that planted the seeds for Korsgaden Insights- a learning and performance community committed to sharing and executing ideas essential for success. Facilitating learning, execution and performance has always been at the core of our company and is reflected in all that we do, from consulting to speaking engagements to training and publications. Now, with the advent of Korsgaden Insights, we are sharpening our focus to provide even more solutions to community members.

Our approach comes from a multiline perspective, filling a void that I believe exists in the industry today. However, our focus remains unwaveringly on what clients need to protect their assets and achieve their financial goals. Whether you are an insurance agent, financial advisor or home office leader-a solo practitioner, an agency owner with a small team or the CEO of a large insurance and financial services firm-we are committed to helping you address challenges, leverage opportunities, accelerate growth and, most of all, provide your clients with the unrivaled products and services they deserve and have every right to expect.

We want this to be your community-the place you turn to for new ideas and innovative solutions. As we planned for this inaugural issue of the Korsgaden Insights magazine, we had more ideas than we could fit in one issue. We know you do, too. Send us your feedback. What challenges, large or small, would you like us to address? How can we support you in growing and thriving in today's business environment?

We look forward to hearing from you as our community grows!
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