Managers, Field Leaders & Field Executives are Retooling through Practice Management

Apr 26, 2024


The insurance industry is going through a radical transformation. Carriers are reorganizing and strengthening operational alignment with their local agency teams by delivering stronger and more effective support, making managers, field leaders, and field executives more important than ever. We are seeing more carriers send their leaders...

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Consistency is a Major Key to Success

Apr 25, 2024

It is not one big thing that makes us great in life.
It is a lot of little things done consistently that turn into greatness.
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Good Intentions Does Not Always Lead to Success

Apr 23, 2024

Whether you are a CEO of an insurance carrier or the CEO of a local insurance and financial services agency or firm... you are dealing with the same business issues.
There are many great ideas and a lot of people on your team with great intentions. However, for whatever reason things do not always get executed the way we see them in our heads.

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Local Insurance Advisors Have Never Been More Important

Apr 18, 2024

The human touch of the individual Advisor has never been more valuable in the marketplace.
Local Agencies, and their teams, foster personalized relationships and risk-based selling.
Local expertise in risk assessment and proactive loss mitigation can significantly impact claims costs. Claims costs are a major contributor to expense ratios and...

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I'm not Selling...I'm Serving

Apr 16, 2024

Serve your client first before trying to sell them something.
Agents and Team Members, that’s what you do best…..SERVE!

Show them how you will help their family.
Show them how you will help their business.
Show them how you will help them personally.

By positioning yourself to be of service first, we earn the right to offer them our...

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The One With the Most Information Wins

Apr 12, 2024

If you want to know how tall a building is going to be, you just need look at how deep they dig the foundation.
The same could be said about our clients.
If you want to grow to new heights, you must have a deeper relationship with each household and/or business you serve. This requires an actionable foundation of information. You can never know...

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Meet 7 Times a Year and the 4 Nonnegotiables

Apr 09, 2024

There are four must have meetings with clients every year. If you are a business owner, these are nonnegotiable.

  1. A household review annually
  2. New business for new households
  3. Add-on new business for current households
  4. Life conversation annually

When every team member is proficient in holding these four meetings, your business will be...

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Discussion Partner/ Return of the Local Agent

Apr 03, 2024

No matter how great AI becomes, our clients will always need someone to connect the dots. One size does not fit all. Insurance is complex and requires multiple products.
Our profession has some of the highest earners in the marketplace. This is because they get paid for the value they bring. There is a common thread with high performers and high...

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RPOA LIVE Summit featuring Troy Korsgaden

Apr 02, 2024

I am excited to announce that I will be a guest speaker at the upcoming RPOA LIVE Summit on May 8th! Could not be more proud of my longterm friendship and collaboration with Jeremy and Kristin.
If you're looking for actionable insights to propel your team and business to new heights this year, don't miss out—click the link below to...

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Consider a Concierge for Your Agency Firm

Mar 27, 2024

Many top-notch restaurants have an expediter on staff. The expediter works with the kitchen, waitstaff, and customers to make sure that meals are prepared exactly as ordered, beautifully presented, and delivered to everyone at the table at the same time. This high-touch approach ensures that every customer is happy with their dining experience....

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