Dedication to Perpetual Change

Nov 06, 2023

May we not hesitate another moment to build businesses that will ride the waves of change into the future. The journey of evolving amid change will go on forever. The only thing that will remain constant is that the customer is truly in control. The customer isn’t just at the center of things; the customer is everything.


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Client Engagement

Oct 31, 2023

It's all about the customer, right? You hear it a lot, but do you know how to back up those words with actions?
You must have a well thought out Client Engagement Strategy to be successful. The strategy must be tied to actions that you can measure and monitor.
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Experience Through Application

Oct 25, 2023

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Einstein

We must apply what we learn to grow and be effective in the marketplace.
Create an environment that includes:
• A safe place to learn and debate.
• A safe place to practice and role play.
• An opportunity to partner with mentors or...

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Develop Your Team

Oct 24, 2023

Make development of your team members a major priority in your 2024 business planning.
Learning is the foundation. Performance is the application and execution.
Set high expectations for growth. Joint work allows your team member to see things in action. Make a commitment to a cycle of continuous improvement for each individual and the team as a...

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Focus on Team Member Proficiencies

Oct 19, 2023

A focus on a few small priorities can make a huge difference in your business’s bottom line profits.
One of those priorities should be to make every team member proficient on setting client appointments.
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Measure and Monitor Your Goals

Oct 16, 2023

Every goal must have related strategies and activities. Remember, without action, a plan is only a wish. You must also identify how you will measure and monitor the success of your plan. Establish key performance indicators at every level, from individual activities (calls made, daily appointments, etc.) to organizational results (production,...

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Ready For Takeoff

Oct 10, 2023

A strong business plan enables your business to take flight.

I fly a lot for my business, traveling across the globe for days and weeks at a time. Nine times out of ten, the flight is uneventful, with everything going according to plan.

  Recently, there was an emergency during one of my flights. A man had a heart attack 30 minutes...

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Review Program

Oct 04, 2023

A successful Annual Client Review Program must have the following elements:
-Build connections
-Create consistency
-Foster Collaboration
The annual client review is not a sales meeting. However, when done properly you are positioned to provide product solutions at your next meeting(s) based on your clients personalized needs.

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Adopt A Profit Center Mindset

Sep 28, 2023

Leaders with a profit center mindset believe every team member contributes to the success of the business. This mindset influences whom they select to be on their team and how they develop them to be profit centers.
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Maximize The Sales Process

Sep 26, 2023

Maximize the sales process in your practice.
A strong process includes impactful and meaningful client meetings. Have meetings that last no more than 30 minutes or perhaps 45 minutes if clients have questions. This requires that you have a strong meeting prep and post process.
Include client meeting strategies in your upcoming business planning.

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