Asking For Referrals

Dec 05, 2023

Agents and their licensed sales professionals should have a way to ask for an emergency contact for each household we serve.
This is a valuable service for our clients to assist them at a time they may need us most.
It gives the agency an introduction to a new household for a future relationship.
Putting the client first is always a surefire way to...

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Celebrating Collaboration

Nov 30, 2023

Such a great feeling to present something you have collaborated on for over six months.
Co-presenting is a blast when you are simpatico. Thank you Tay for an amazing day!


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Now is Not the Time to Get Disillusioned

Nov 27, 2023

The brakes are on in the insurance industry today, but now is not the time to get disillusioned.
Don’t shut off your engine. Take this opportunity to retool your business model.
#RetoolYourBusinessModel #korsgadenLearningAndPerformance


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Offer Concierge Follow-Up Service

Nov 15, 2023

We often hear the term concierge service, but it’s high-level follow-up that enhances your client’s overall experience. This doesn’t necessarily require adding additional team members to the payroll. Just develop a new system for the way your current team performs follow-up. It might be a simple next-day call to reiterate key...

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Troy Korsgaden on Mivation

Nov 14, 2023


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Allstate Recording Session

Nov 13, 2023

Such a great session in Northbrook last week. Thank you to the Business Insurance team and the film crew for such a professional and effective event.
Korsgaden International is proud of our 25+ year relationship with our Allstate colleagues and friends.
#LearningAndPerformance #Marketing #AgencyBuilding


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Business Development Strategy

Nov 08, 2023

Your business plan should include a strong business development strategy.

Seeing more people under the right conditions and a 360-Degree View of Your Clients.
• Builds trust
• Deepens relationships
• Positions you as a discussion partner
• Identifies opportunities
#PracticeManagement #BusinessPlanning...

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Dedication to Perpetual Change

Nov 06, 2023

May we not hesitate another moment to build businesses that will ride the waves of change into the future. The journey of evolving amid change will go on forever. The only thing that will remain constant is that the customer is truly in control. The customer isn’t just at the center of things; the customer is everything.


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Client Engagement

Oct 31, 2023

It's all about the customer, right? You hear it a lot, but do you know how to back up those words with actions?
You must have a well thought out Client Engagement Strategy to be successful. The strategy must be tied to actions that you can measure and monitor.
#BusinessPlanning #KorsgadenAndLearningAndPerformance


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Experience Through Application

Oct 25, 2023

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Einstein

We must apply what we learn to grow and be effective in the marketplace.
Create an environment that includes:
• A safe place to learn and debate.
• A safe place to practice and role play.
• An opportunity to partner with mentors or...

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