Let's Be Honest With Ourselves, We Are No Longer on Easy Street

Mar 12, 2024

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’ve been on easy street. You know it’s easy, when all you have to say is, ‘Here’s your coverage and here's your price. Do you want it?' and everyone's happy. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Because it's been so easy, the fundamentals that should have been covered were...

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Each Team Member Can Easily be a Profit-Center

Mar 01, 2024

Each Team Member can easily be a profit-center in your business.
Profit comes from many things. However, the foundation is 1 of 3 things with each client interaction:

  1. I gave a presentation and asked for a check.
  2. I asked for the next appointment to give a presentation.
  3. I asked for information that will lead to an appointment… that...
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Above The Business Featuring Troy Korsgaden

Feb 29, 2024


The world continues to change at mock speed.
Join Bradley and TK in a robust conversation about the ever changing insurance and financial services Industry.


To book a live presentation email: [email protected]

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Master Every Step of the Purchasing Process & Ongoing Customer Experience Journey

Feb 26, 2024

Master every step of the purchasing process & ongoing client experience journey. This is the foundation for a successful business model of the future. Insurance professionals need to assume the role of the gateway to everything related to insurance and financial services. Guide clients seamlessly through every step of the process. Advisors...

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Feb 22, 2024

I have always said that if you are bored in the insurance industry… are boring.
I still wake up excited, because there is so much opportunity.
There is a common theme with successful insurance companies and successful local agency businesses.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
People want what you have. Don’t be afraid...

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A Large Segment of Consumers Will Pay More For Value

Feb 15, 2024

To transition smoothly into the customer-driven sales cycle, carriers and their advisors simply need to differentiate themselves by identifying a strong value proposition — and communicating it consistently across all platforms. Even if you aren’t the lowest-cost option, you shouldn’t be afraid to be compared to competitors.

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The Local Advisor Is Need Now More Than Ever

Feb 01, 2024

If it was only about a quote, you might not need a local advisor.
But clients want and need more than just a quote. 

1.) Clients need to know what current coverages they have today.

2.) Clients want to know what similar people are doing regarding personal risk management.

3.) Clients ultimately desire professional advice on what to do to...

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What is Causing Uncertainty?

Jan 30, 2024

Uncertainty is driving a lot of what is impacting the insurance industry right now. Not only in rate action, but capacity and availability of insurance.
The disruption is not over and will take a long time to flow through the system.
We need to provide increased training and tools for our front line teams. They are the ones holding the hands of...

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The Sweet Spot

Jan 25, 2024

The sweet spot in your professional life is when you have so many of the right people in your pipeline, that you can choose who you do business with.
Choose to do business with the people and businesses that bring you joy!


To book a live presentation email: [email protected]

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Commit To Unrivaled Execution

Jan 23, 2024

There are many moving parts in the insurance industry. Successful companies and their teams are committed to an unrivaled execution.
We must stay focused and keep the client as our North Star to provide the products and services they desire and have every right to expect.


To book a live presentation email: ...

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